Building the CARDis. A life-size cardboard Tardis

In plan.
Scale 1:1

At the very beginning! What have I taken on?!

The stack of card!

Building the columns

Floor and half height columns

PVA glue and glue gun


Adding extra strength to columns with edging strips.

Strengthening the underside of the floor sections

It's growing!

Day 4 of creating floor sections. 

Underside of floor sections. 

Supporting frame to top side going up

Edging strips for strength

Beginning to build roof

Basic roof on - checking for size

Building up roof

Construction of door panels


Door panels inserted

West elevation of CARDis

Close up of door panel

Small hatch door with working hinges!

More hinges! Gruelling work. Hope they are strong enough.

All the hinges laid out on the roof

The roof! 

The finished CARDis - naked. 
Doors still not glued!