Reconstructing the CARDis

I had designed the Boscombe CARDis© to be (mostly) flat pack.

This was to ensure it could be easily relocated if necessary,  for my MA show.

Photograph of the underside of the ceiling.

The largest single piece was the roof.
This measured 2000mm x 2000mm.

Kite Packaging from whom I bought cardboard and glue sticks were very keen to have the CARDis©.
They wanted to put it to auction to raise funds for a proposed new drugs rehabilitation centre in the Midlands.

Below are Sketch up drawings and photographs to reconstruct the Boscombe CARDis©.

Plan of individually numbered floor sections.

Every column was designated to a floor section and letters were attributed to each face.

The floor sections were not glued - but kept in place by sitting in a ground frame, onto which the columns were located.

Drawing to show columns located onto floor frame.

Top panels slot into top of columns.

Top flaps secured in slots to top of columns.

Top frame secures columns.

Door panels slot into bottom frame and top flaps.
Openable doors hinged.

Position roof on top frame.

Plan of roof. Fins allocated number.

The finished Boscombe CARDis©