The Boscombe Bells

The Boscombe Bells.

Limited edition (3 no.) bell jars that encapsulate some of Boscombe's recent and more distant histories. The bell jars are also night lights.

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The Boscombe Bells © 2015

Bell Jar No.1

The Salisbury Hotel, Boscombe tunnels, The Bosombe Policebox, The Boscombe Devil, The Ragged Cat Inn... Smithy (the doorman) and Elsie Tanning (Victorian domestic servant)

 Bell Jar No.2: The Shelleys'
Mary Shelley's son, Percy Florence Shelley purchased a large manor house in the area.

Bell Jar No.3

Solar bins, The Royal Arcade, Boscombe Carnival, The Boscombe Hippodrome, The Boscombe Policebox, The Villas, Boxing Kangaroo, Exotic animals.