A BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe) Festival Commission 2018

'Little Boscombe'

Explanation coming soon!

'Little Boscombe'

The build begins. Trestle tables and cut to size length of plywood for the model base

Hand drawn cardboard lanterns to be hung in the shipping container with lights behind

Section through the high street, Christchurch Road, showing above and below ground

Lift shaft to Boscombe Policebox in situ

Hand drawn and water coloured metal effect for the tunnel


Section through the street showing underground pipework to the left of the Policebox. Lift shaft interior detailed, Policebox spray painted and tunnel in construction

Working on street level - incorporating the buildings from Christchurch Road. Adding hand drawn animals into the tunnels to check scale is correct

Entrance to the Hippodrome (Now the O2) under construction. Very fiddly


This model is very time consuming, but it's slowly taking shape


Awning to 'A Jones' shop added

The elephants are coming.....2 by 2 

Elephant parade, with baby in tow

Close up of the chained elephants 

Hand drawn the layers of sand and soil below street level. Added some dinosaur bones too..  

Entrance to Little Boscombe 

It's in-  just! Side panels, tunnel and front panel to finish...only 2 days until opening

Caged tigers being transported to The Hippodrome in the darkly lit tunnel

A bustling high street 

 Partial Megladon fossil

Dr. Raymond, magician, illusionist and caretaker of the tunnels and performing animals

Above and below streetscape of Boscombe 1900 - 2018


Some footage of the final exhibition
'Little Boscombe.'
28th April - 7th May @ 11:00-17:00.
In shipping container between Bosconova & Barclays Bank, Boscombe Precinct